The 1330 tt call center, operated by the Korea Tourism Organization, is a one-stop helpline available as a public service for local and international travelers.

The meaning of tt call: ‘tt’ stands for thirteen-thirty, the number to remember when dialing the call center, as well as ‘Travel-Telephone’, ‘Tourism-Technology’ and ‘Travel-Tips’.

Knowledgeable and helpful staff provide assistance in Korean, English, Japanese, or Chinese to ensure each caller has a worry-free travel experience. The KTO 1330 tt call center provides information and services for most regions of Korea as well as interpretation services.

Planning to visit Korea? Or, just need some help from time to time? If so, call the friendly operators at the 1330 tt call center for reliable solutions to all your travel concerns. Services provided by the 1330 tt call center are as follows:

Exclusive Travel Information

Certified travel specialists provide detailed information on attractions, transportation, accommodations, shopping, festivals, events, and more!

Multilingual Assistance

Trained specialists provide assistance for international visitors in Korean, English, Japanese, and Chinese.

24/7 Service

The 1330 tt call center (Travel Phone HQ in Seoul) is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so visitors can rest assured knowing there will always be a qualified professional to answer their call.

One-stop Service

In order to assist travelers with immigration, safety and medical needs, and other concerns, 1330 can connect callers to the 1345 Ministry of Justice Call Center, 119 Emergency Rescue Service, and other related call centers.

Public Info Service

1330 is a free service. Callers are charged standard rates for a regular phone call.

How to Dial 1330
From a Landline in Korea: 1330

Calls from Seoul are directed to the KTO 1330 Call Center; calls from other areas are directed to the nearest regional tourist information center.

From a Mobile Phone: Area code + 1330
(ex. for Seoul: 02-1330)

Connection fees vary by carrier. No additional fees apply.

From Overseas:+82-Area code-1330
(ex. for Seoul: +82-2-1330)

Omit the ‘0’ in front of the area code when dialing from overseas.

Area Codes