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2019 Stray Kids are back and Sing “MIROH”

2019 Stray Kids are back and Sing “MIROH”

What can you say about Stray Kids song?

 The JYP Entertainment rookies have been producing some of the boldest, most sonic ally interesting K-pop tracks since their debut a year ago. The latest song called “MIROH” is exceptional, In fact might be their most fascinating lead. This music sound more powerful, its loud and in your face.

Stray Kids is a South Korean boy band formed by JYP Entertainment thought the 2017 reality show of the same name. The group composed of nine members: Bang, Chan, Woojin, Lee know, Changbin, Hyunjin, Han, Felix, Seungmin and I.N . If you don’t know this group released their extended mix tape in January 2018 and debuted on March 25.

The concept of the music “MIROH” is inspired by the word micro or maze in Korea. This is the beginning of a new chapter for Stray Kids. Stray Kids are maturing in every sense of the word. They are sounds more refined.

The music video of Stray Kids was sets up the world of MIROH a concrete jungle of sorts, where having to escaped the brainwashed of society of District 9, this k-pop group Stray Kids seemingly stage a coup to overthrow the powerful men at the top. It’s an act of teen rebellion, perfectly in the line of the group.

“MIROH” is a celebration, Yap but it was also a warning call. The powerful choreography was heavily influenced by Haka, The ceremonial dance of culture. They make music that matters to them, and in doing so, they connect with an audience, many of them are also navigating their own maze and facing their own anxieties at every turn.

When it comes to Stray Kids, Every new release is an evolution to them and much like growing up.

I really like Woojin, he so charming and cool. He wants to eat chicken with cheese on top. He can also play guitar, His hobbies watching horror movies. His role model is Bruno Mars. 

Who is your idol with this K-pop group Stray Kids.?

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