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7 Korean Drama Dating Place

7 Korean Drama Dating Place
Movie Date ( Descendant of the sun)

Descendant of the Sun

First Korean drama date who could forget about romantic scene from the drama, Descendants of the Sun? On their first date, General Yoo brought Kang Mo-yeon to a movie date. Where they exchanged some idea. Being with a pretty lady before the lights (cinema) turn off. For those who are looking to spice up the classic movie date share by them. Movie date experience is romantic.

House Date ( LOVE RAIN )

Love rain

My 2nd Korean drama date is when you are on shoestring budget, you can try recreating the simple way of date,Seo Joon had with Jung Ha-na in Love Rain. This simple date is really romantic especially when you are the one who prepare for your food.

Romantic Dinner Date ( Love From The Star )

Love from The Star

And 3rd Korean drama date, was romantic dinner with your significant choice and have beautiful view. In my Love from the Star, Do Min Joon took Cheon Songyi to famed revolving restaurant in Namsan. And Grill. 

Beach Date ( Endless Love)

Endless Love

4th Korean drama date Beach date and after walking  at the bay walk. and love one fell asleep or tired you will carry him. This is very cute Song Hye Kyo carry by Song Seun-Ho in Korean drama Endless love.

Bicycle Date ( Temptation )


My 5th is a fancy romantic bicycle date? In Temptation, You see Se Young went back to basics showed us how much fun you can have on a simple romantic bicycle date.

Cable Car (Boys over Flower)

Boys over Flowers

6th Korean drama date romantic place, at the cable car. With Korean drama of Boys over Flowers, And only in Korean dramas scene where you getting stranded on a cable car.

Picnic Ground ( Strong Woman Do Bong Soon)

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

7th romantic place is picnic date. This is the very romantic place where you can eat your favorite food and have a nap and telling story both of you.

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