The Goyang Korea Flower Show, which features new flower species and flower planting technology, takes place every year in April at the Goyang Flower Exhibition Center. It features a wide range of programs including a large exhibition, seminars, and a flower arrangement contest.

This year, about 141 local companies as well as 52 international companies from 20 different countries are expected to participate in the event and showcase their flower collections. The 2011 show will be open to the public starting from April 30th.

Ilsan Lake Park, where the Goyang Flower Exhibition Center is located, is one of the area’s popular tourist attractions, known for its stunning beauty.  

* Indoor exhibitions:
National pavilion, local & overseas company hall, theme halls, world pressed flower craft exhibition hall, Korea flower export pavilion, new varieties pavilion

* Outdoor exhibitions:
Fountain garden, bulb garden, topiary garden, Eastern/Western garden, mosaic culture garden, mirror garden, hanging flower garden, bonsai hall, wild flower hall, cactus hall, flower sculptures