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Airpods 2 Upgrade May Improve Better

Airpods 2 Upgrade May Improve Better

I Quit  Using My First-Gen Airpods

Airpods 2 is it waterproof?

Airpods 2

When I saw the press release drop in Apple’s newsroom, my eyes lit up: “AirPods, the world’s most popular wireless headphones, are getting even better.”

I’m not using my old one because after a charging malfunction that I attribute to water damage.

So at the top of my list for a refreshed AirPods release was sweat-resistance. A few other fitness features, such as heart rate-monitoring, would’ve been a nice touch given that Apple is so committed to health. But then I realized that Apple hasn’t improved the AirPods in any way that can convince me to upgrade from my first-gen earbuds.

Whats new with the Airpods 2?

H1 chip: Apple made zero changes to their design, but put a brand new chip inside. The H1 replaces the W1 in the last-gen pods, which Apple says will speed up the time it takes to switch between the devices your earbuds are connected to. The H1 is also expected to cut down on the time it takes to answer a call on your pods

Hands-free “Hey Siri”: If you regularly use Siri by tapping on your AirPod to call upon the assistant’s help, then being able to ask questions by simply saying, “Hey Siri” (without tapping) is probably useful.

Wireless charging case: The long-rumored wireless charging case for AirPods 2 is real, and it can both wirelessly charge the earbuds and also be wirelessly charged itself.

Sweat resistance: I don’t want to use two separate pairs of earbuds for different activities, and that’s exactly what I’m doing these days. Many, many people have worked out with the first-gen AirPods with no issues whatsoever.

Improved audio quality and noise cancellation: I would love nothing more than to board a plane and have the option to pop in my AirPods to listen to a podcast or a playlist.

Health sensors: Apple keeps packing the Apple Watch with health-focused features, some based on hardware sensors, some in software algorithms.

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