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BlackPink Make Blasting Music Video

BlackPink Make Blasting Music Video

BlackPink New Music Video Teaser

Kill This Love” BlackPink


BLACKPINK are coming back in your area, with what looks like their most powerful sound and look to date.

The K-pop quartet shared the music video teaser for “Kill This Love,” delivering the first official hints at the new single and its accompanying visual. Sonically, it seems like the new track boasts a booming production made up of regal horns and military-snare percussion.

The theme seems to carry throughout the video, as the girls are seen rocking Tomb Raider–reminiscent looks, saluting and confidently strutting through what a colorful war zone.

The 23-second clip started trending upon release, racking up millions of views on YouTube and across social media in its first 24 hours out.

According to the newest information about the tracks, BLACKPINK is returning with a new sound. “Don’t Know What To Do”, “Kick It” and “Hope Not” are categorized as Rock songs, while their title song “Kill This Love” is a rap track.

1. Kill This Love

The theme of the hit song “Kill This Love” is formed by strong brass pipes and a majestic drum sound. Additionally, the glamorous rap and the quality of the main vocals, allow listeners to reconfirm BLACKPINK’s unique style.

2. Don’t Know What To Do

The quiet and dreamy part of the lyrics, the gradual climax, and subsequent explosions in the Free Drop are perfect. Oh, the sad lyrics will greatly resonate with the audience. Blackpink

3. Kick It

ThisBlackpink song is a fusion of rock and hip hop. If the lyrics “break your world, dazzle me to illuminate” are sublime, the unpredictable and unusual arrangements make the song’s atmosphere elevate!

4. Hope Not

Although BLACKPINK’s songs have always been covered up by beautiful arrangements & sound effects, with BLACKPINK’s voice & a guitar, it will still bring about the emotions to the max. With a touching melody & lyrics, “Hope Not” will stir up the hearts of listeners.

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