The museum can be accessed by bus at the 'UN rotary' stop. By subway, the museum is close to Daeyeon Station, exit 3. From exit 3, the museum area is about 5 minutes away by foot.

In the museum region, there is a UN Memorial Park. In this park, there are several memorial related to the Korean War. This park is registered as cultural property of South Korea.

There are thirteen thousand relics in Busan museum. The typical relic is national treasure number 200, a Gilt-bronze Buddhist Saint standing statue created in the period of united Silla. Possession relics mainly come from Deokcheon-dong, No-po dong Ancient Tomb, Gimhaeeupseong Fortress in Busan and the Gyeonsang-Namdo region. The museum holds six thousand Burine cultural properties, seven hundred thirty emplettes, almost four thousand donations, and three hundred fifty collections. In exhibition, almost six hundred prehistoric age relics related to Busan are on display. A tower, statue of Buddha, and tombstone are on display in the outdoor exhibition hall.


Busan Namgu Daeyeon 4 dong 948-1

Operating Hours

Open from Tuesday to Sunday - 09:00 AM ~ 6:00 PM

Closed every Jan. 1, when a holiday falls on Monday, the museum will be closed on the following day.