Scope of the traveler’s item

Luna Arseo
November 30, 2021
must_know No. 2242

My last name changed, what do I do?

Denzel Ramos
November 23, 2021
visa No. 2174
Luna said, If you change the English spelling of your name, the visa obtained on your old passport is still valid. It would not be a problem if you keep both old and new passports to prove that the two names are of the same person.

I would like to study in Korea. What procedures do I need to take?

Denzel Ramos
visa No. 2172
Luna said, If you are a foreign student who wish to study in Korea, you must obtain an admission letter from the university where you wishes to enter and apply for a D-2 visa. For more information on visas, please visit the Korea Immigration Service website at

What are the procedures for foreigners who wish to obtain a working visa?

Edgar Santiago
visa No. 2170
Luna said, There are two ways a foreigner can obtain a working visa. First, one can apply for a working visa at an overseas Korean mission with required documents. Second, for those who need a 'Certificate for Confirmation of Visa Issuance', the employer in the Republic of Korea will have to apply for the certificate at the Korea Immigration Service and send it to the applicant who can then apply for and obtain a working visa at an overseas Korean mission. For more information please visit the Korea Immigration Service website at

What is the Certificate for Confirmation of Visa Issuance?

Jhon Ace Simbulan
visa No. 2168
Luna said, It is a certificate needed to apply for a visa for specific individuals such as English instructors, Chinese wishing to visit relatives and foreign technical trainees. The inviter in the Republic of Korea files an application to obtain the certificate with the Korea Immigration Service. Upon receiving the certificate the inviter sends it to the invitee so he or she can apply for and receive a visa.

Animal and Plant Quarantine

Luna Arseo
must_know No. 2163


Luna Arseo
must_know No. 2159

What is the english translation of “Annyeonghaseyo!”?

Charles Leonar Pineda
November 11, 2021
quiz No. 1618

When was Korean War?

November 10, 2021
quiz No. 1606

What can be found on the entrance to Songjeong Beach?

quiz No. 1603

What is the main peak in the Seoraksan National Park?

quiz No. 1604

Which of the following is one of the white sandy beaches in Busan?

quiz No. 1600

Songjeong Beach is only open from July to what month?

quiz No. 1601

The Seoraksan National Park houses the 3rd highest ______ in South Korea.

quiz No. 1602

Where in Songjeong Beach offers stunning sunrise and sunset views?

quiz No. 1598

What is the temple in the Seoraksan National Park known for its lovely scenery?

quiz No. 1599

What is the name of the mountain range that runs along the eastern coast of South Korea, and runs on into North Korea for a bit?

quiz No. 1595

The North Korean capital of Pyongyang lies very close to which major Korean river?

quiz No. 1596

The largest island of Korea is also considered a vacation paradise by Koreans. What is it called?

quiz No. 1597

The highest point of either Korea (north or south) is called what?

quiz No. 1593

Korea is separated from Japan by what strait?

quiz No. 1594

The northern border of Korea is created almost entirely by two rivers. The most well known river is the Yalu, but what is the other river that makes up much of the northeast border called?

quiz No. 1591

Taking the two Koreas together, north and south, is it true or false that the only other country bordering Korea is China?

quiz No. 1592

The 88-meter waterfall found in the Seoraksan National Park is called?

quiz No. 1589

Some scholars have compared Korea’s shape (including both North and South) to which animal, sans tail?

quiz No. 1590

What is the famous national park in Gangwon province in South Korea?

quiz No. 1586

The capital city Pyongyang contains a monument called the Juche Tower. This tower was named after an ideology President Kim Il Sung developed, about how North Korea would have to stand in the world. Which of the following ideas are *not* part of the Juche principle?

quiz No. 1587

What festival attracts tourists to Songjeong Beach every year?

quiz No. 1588

What is the name of the international airport near Pyongyang?

quiz No. 1584

Not all presidents can boast about having a flower named after them. Two North Korean Presidents hold this honour. Who are they?

quiz No. 1585

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