My last name changed, what do I do?

Denzel Ramos
November 23, 2021
visa No. 2174
Luna said, If you change the English spelling of your name, the visa obtained on your old passport is still valid. It would not be a problem if you keep both old and new passports to prove that the two names are of the same person.

I would like to study in Korea. What procedures do I need to take?

Denzel Ramos
visa No. 2172
Luna said, If you are a foreign student who wish to study in Korea, you must obtain an admission letter from the university where you wishes to enter and apply for a D-2 visa. For more information on visas, please visit the Korea Immigration Service website at

What are the procedures for foreigners who wish to obtain a working visa?

Edgar Santiago
visa No. 2170
Luna said, There are two ways a foreigner can obtain a working visa. First, one can apply for a working visa at an overseas Korean mission with required documents. Second, for those who need a 'Certificate for Confirmation of Visa Issuance', the employer in the Republic of Korea will have to apply for the certificate at the Korea Immigration Service and send it to the applicant who can then apply for and obtain a working visa at an overseas Korean mission. For more information please visit the Korea Immigration Service website at

What is the Certificate for Confirmation of Visa Issuance?

Jhon Ace Simbulan
visa No. 2168
Luna said, It is a certificate needed to apply for a visa for specific individuals such as English instructors, Chinese wishing to visit relatives and foreign technical trainees. The inviter in the Republic of Korea files an application to obtain the certificate with the Korea Immigration Service. Upon receiving the certificate the inviter sends it to the invitee so he or she can apply for and receive a visa.


Luna Arseo
must_know No. 2159

Visa Appointment Process

Luna Arseo
October 28, 2021
visa No. 1160

Types of South Korean Visas

Luna Arseo
visa No. 1150

Korean Travel: Entry & Stay

Luna Arseo
October 27, 2021
visa No. 1105

Documents Required to Get a K-ETA from the U.S.

Luna Arseo
visa No. 1098

K-ETA Mandatory for Visa-Free Entry as of September

Luna Arseo
news No. 1084

Traveling to Korea as a U.S. Citizen

Luna Arseo
visa No. 1049

Visa Application Fee for Each Visa Type

Luna Arseo
visa No. 1043

Visa Application via Korean Diplomatic Missions Abroad

Luna Arseo
visa No. 1037

Application via the Visa Portal: e-Visa

Luna Arseo
visa No. 1030

Visa Issuance Procedure

Edgar Santiago
October 26, 2021
visa No. 946

Visas which permit employment in Korea

Luna Arseo
October 22, 2021
flutter_app_main_learn_korea No. 671

Foreigner Registration

Cai Quijano
visa No. 648

Announcement on Temporary Suspension of Visa-waiver and Visa-free entry programs

Ureka Ebilion
October 12, 2021
visa No. 102

Korean Visa by Category and Types

Ureka Ebilion
visa No. 100

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