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Cats Name Give Them Second Life

Cats Name Give Them Second Life

Giving Cats Name Is Very Important.

Give Cute Cats Name

Most cats name would tell you that their furry little friends definitely know their own names. As someone with a cat, I suppose I’d be inclined to believe that the animal I have been calling by name for over a decade does truly know what I’ve labeled him.

Cats name is very Important. Unlike past research efforts conducted with dogs, there hasn’t been a ton of scientific effort put into determining whether cats name are capable of understanding how names work.

Whether any cats can tell the difference between their names and the names of other animals in the same home.

To either prove or disprove the ability of cats to recognize their own names the researchers, led by Atsuko Saito, observed 78, cats name  in various settings that included individual homes as well as a public cat cafe.

Challenge For Giving Cats Name?

he challenge in determining how to test each animal’s name recognition abilities led the team to devise a somewhat obvious experiment. First, the researchers chose random words and/or other names and repeated them to each animal so that they became used to hearing them. 

Then, the team mixed in each cats name with the repeated words, testing whether or not the cats would remain attentive when they heard their own name even in the presence of words that had no meaning to them.

The responses of the cats were scored based on how they reacted, with things like ear and tail movement considered positive signs that the animal was recognizing their name.

What the researchers discovered was that while some of the animals did indeed seem to respond to their name while ignoring other repeated words, it wasn’t a universal response. Household cats seemed to respond the most.

And were able to tell their own names apart from fellow pets and random words. The cats in the cafe, however, seemed far less interested in their name.

Even among the household cats, the responses weren’t totally convincing, with some cats responding to random words and others ignoring their own names.

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