The Choenamdan Bangeo Festival is one of the most famous maritime cultural festivals of Jeju Island. It features yellowtail, a delicious tasting fish whose best season for fishing is November. The festival gives visitors the rare opportunity to catch yellowtail in the unpolluted seas surrounding Marado Island, and to enjoy a variety of yellowtail delicacies, in particular raw sliced fresh yellowtail (hoe). Major events on the festival program include catching yellowtail with your bare-hands, which is very popular with travelers since you can bring home all the fish you catch. A fish market and fish auction, where you can buy yellowtail and other types of seafood at low prices, will also be held, and at the festival's farmer's market, visitors can buy local specialties such as ribbon fish, coral fish, and potatoes.

As well as the Yellowtail Festival, Moseulpo, Jeju Island's southernmost region, is also famous for its cultural heritage sites, where you can learn about the history of the island and enjoy the beautiful natural scenery. Experience the refreshing wind and the warm hearts of the locals at Moseulpo Yellowtail Festival.