A Korean holiday that celebrates the first full moon of the new year of the lunar Korean calendar which is the Korean version of the First Full Moon Festival. This holiday is accompanied by many traditions.


  • Bureom (Korean: 부럼깨기): People crack nuts with one's teeth, believing that this will keep one's teeth healthy for the year.
  • Dalmaji (Korean: 달맞이): In the countryside, people climb mountains, braving cold weather, trying to catch the first rise of the moon. It is said that the first person to see the moon rise will have good luck all year or a wish will be granted.
  • Jwibulnori (Korean: 쥐불놀이): A traditional game that is played the night before Daeboreum. They burn the dry grass on ridges between rice fields while children whirl around cans full of holes, through which charcoal fire blaze. These cans fertilize the fields and get rid of harmful worms that destroy the new crops.
  • Gisaebae (Korean: 기새배): It is a ceremony that farmer's bands in each towns gather together and greet each other in pecking order. Also a competition is held between the bands.
  • Bangsaeng (Korean: 방생): On the night before Daeboreum, the ladies bought jellyfish and put them on the river and wished good luck for the year.
  • Stealing Bokto (Korean: 복토훔치기): People took some mud from the houses of the rich and covered it on their walls on the night before Daeboreum, wishing they would be wealthy, too.
  • Yongaltteugi (Korean: 용알뜨기): The night before Daeboreum, people wait until a rooster cries and then draw water from a well. It is believed that the one who fetched water first, there will have a good rice harvest that year.
  • Daribalgi (Korean: 다리밟기): It is told that people walked on the bridges all night long, believing that if the step on a bridge, their legs will be strong. It is believed they would be healthy during all twelve months if they step on twelve bridges.
  • Deowipalgi (Korean: 더위팔기): When Someone see a person in the morning, he or she hurries to call his or her name to say "Buy my heat". It is believed that one would escape the scorching heat that summer.
  • Gaeboreumsoegi (Korean: 개보름쇠기): People do not feed their dogs believing that dogs will crock up and be infested with flies if they are fed during the coming summer.
  • Mogitbul (Korean: 모깃불): At the dawn of Daeboreum, people put a straw fire on their yard to eliminate mosquitos and other insects.