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EXO Xiumin Is Not An Ordinary Friend.

EXO Xiumin Is Not An Ordinary Friend.

I hope there’s an award for the best brother of the generatin, We all know a doubt that EXO Xiumin will be in the running as the strongest candidate to bring home the titular win. To follow him long enough and that recognition is not bring by a reason of bias. But counting days you have spent being an EXO-L because in every era, EXO Xiumin makes sure to put his baby face and show good qualities.

As like my big brother he is like him. As you see he is a generous person. And lots of good personality he has. My brother has this characterized too.

EXO Xiumin Personality ?

Always the patience one.

EXO Xiumin works well to build a relationship with his members. Some of the member doing tease on him and trying to get him angry, But he just give a cute smile as long as his members are happy and having fun.

Someone can count on.

EXO Xiumin is person who understands, listens, and gives members a shoulder to cry on during some hard times. Just like my big brother he always there when I need him.

Caring and Considerate.

All people I think have this. But EXO Xiumin doesn’t care if he has less exposure on shows, has no food left to eat, or a place during last game. He just give and give. My brother do this always he always give chance to others.

Never fail to show support.

Even though he has a big problem he regret it and not to show. Whether it’s a group or a solo project, he always got nicest words to say and makes effort to be present to personally support them. My brother always support me what do I want.

He’s a brother and a best friend.

It means he’s the first person that EXO member can run to, the only one who will naturally root for you, and one who knows them well through shared history. My brother is like a best friend to me.

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