Fall in Korea

From green to red and yellow.
The fall foliage season has already started in the mountainous regions of Gangwon-do Province.

"With Odaesan Mountain seeing the first tinges of the leaves changing color, many visitors are coming here to bask in this beautiful array of fall foliage and take a much needed break from a tough year."

"After being oppressed by all these COVID-19 social distancing rules this year, I came here to explore nature."

"I used to travel a lot, but couldn't lately because of COVID. But now that we're entering the "With Corona" stage, I came here with my dad to enjoy the fall foliage. Right now,.. the leaves haven't changed color completely, but it's still pretty."

Odaesan National Park office is expecting around 180-thousand visitors this fall, that's about 30-thousand fewer than last year.
But even with a drop in numbers, the park is still taking precautionary measures against COVID-19.

"Even though Odaesan National Park is outdoors, we've taken preemptive measures to curb infections on our hiking trails and at rest areas. There's hand sanitizers located at the information desks, and rest areas all over the park."

There are also these stop lights installed ahead of popular trails to remind people to keep a distance from others.

"Please stop to keep a distance from the person ahead."

The park is expecting the most visitors during the peak foliage season, which is when more than 80 percent of the leaves turn color.
And for Odaesan National Park that will be slightly later than usual and is forecasted to start this weekend and to continue throughout next week.
Mountains in the south of the Peninsula will see a delay in fall foliage as well.
The peak season will follow in the coming weeks,.. which is considered two to four days later than usual.

"It was one to two degrees hotter this year compared to normal. Leaves start to turn color when the lowest temperature falls to minus five degrees Celsius, but because temperatures were high this year, the fall foliage season is coming a bit late. "

The weather forecaster added that if the weather continues to get warmer, the time to enjoy the fall leaves will be delayed year by year.
Kim Yeon-seung, Arirang News,Pyeongchang