Hampyeong becomes a "land of butterflies and flowers" each spring. Down in Jeollanam-do (South Jeolla Province), the 15th Hampyeong Butterfly Festival will take place for 13 days between April 26 and May 8.
This year’s festival, themed with “A happy world with butterflies,” will feature exhibitions and various events involving butterflies, flowers, and various insects. During the festival, about 120,000 butterflies will be released over flower gardens spread across an area of one million square meters.

The program will include releasing butterflies, butterfly-themed crafts and masks, a bug race, a beetle wrestling competition, and various performances and exhibitions. Releasing butterflies outdoors will take place twice a day this year instead of just once a day.
In Hampyeong-eup, the venue of the festival, there will be various street performances to entertain visitors day and night. On Children’s Day on May 5, there will be special events including competitions for young visitors.

Location: Hampyeong Expo Park