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Historical drama Orange Marmalade

Historical drama Orange Marmalade

The Love story of a vampire and a human. 300 years ago, Human and vampires finalized a peace treaty, but they get along well with each other. The title is Orange Marmalade.

In present dan, Jae-Min(Yeo Jin-Goo) is a popular high school student and a president of their class. And He falls in love with the new transfer student name Baek Ma-Ri (Seoul Hyun). Baek Ma-Ri thought hides her true identity.

Baek Ma-Ri with her family also a vampire to. They are always transfer place to live because some incident happen so they need to transfer location to hide their true identity to the normal people. They also drink tomato juices for alternate drink of blood?

This 2015 Korean Drama, I really like this because i love style of a love story. Like “Twilight” a Hollywood love story movie and the story is all about a couple a human and a vampire.

I also like this Korean drama Orange Marmalade because of there was some episode that they make a band. I love to sing to and before in my high school days i have a band to and i am the main vocalist. There band also name Orange Marmalade.

Do you think this Korean Drama Orange Marmalade is nice?

The drama is pretty decent until they went historical on me in episode 5 i was slight very confuse in the first time. Until episode 10. And i see what they were trying to say having a “background” about why they choose to fall in love but it was very not necessary.

When i was i kid i watch horror film. And i saw scary vampire. And i to think that i want to become like that and i ask my father how to become a vampire and my Dad laugh.

Orange Marmalade the story line is really good. But they should avoid historical parts and confusing the viewers.

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