History of Korea. Palace of Joseon, Part 5
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∙ 2021-10-01
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Just by looking at the angle of the foreground above (the explanation of is error-prone), it can be seen that the palace occupies a large part of the fortress in the four gates. Based on Gyeongbokgung Palace, it is located close to Changgyeonggung Palace, Naksan Mountain, Inwangsan Mountain, Gyeonghui Palace, and the entire site and the living space of the courtiers. However, after the collapse of the Korean Empire, Japanese colonial rule carried out extensive and active damages, even private businesses with permission from the Governor-General appeared in earnest, and the site of the palace = was actively purchased. After liberation, the site of the palace was handed over to individuals, such as building a private building there or using it as a site for their own business, which made it impossible to completely restore the former palace. Eventually, he was satisfied with the remaining prototype and could not dare to return to his previous form.

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