It is the right of all countries to protect its national interest. Entry inspection of foreigners is one such carnation of the right, which is incidentally one of the key functions of the immigration administration.

Its main purpose is to prevent entry by foreigners who are banned or trying to enter through illegal means.

Hence foreigners trying to use forged or altered passports, deemed as having questionable purpose of entry or inviting parties, or otherwise are using illegal means to gain entry may be denied entry into Korea at any time.Entry requirements for foreigners

  • Valid passport (can be substituted by seaman's identification certificate for seaman)
    - Those with expired passports will not be allowed to enter the country.
  • Valid visa
    - Entry must be made prior to the visa's expiration date. In addition, entry may be denied, should the purpose of the visit is deemed not to match the visa type
  • Must not fall into the prohibited entry category
    - Those that classify as international terrorists, former illegal immigrants, or other such categories are forbidden from entering Korea.