Jeonju Bibimbap Festival is an exciting food festival with the theme of Jeonju Bibimbap, one of the most recognizable local foods in Korea. This year’s festival, in particular, is hosted together with a variety of food events including Korea Food & Tourism Festival, International Fermented Food Expo, Jeonju Yakryeong Hanbang Expo, and Traditional Liquor Festival.

Program Details

  • Mat (Delicious) Bibim
    Bibim Big Food, National Local Food Contest, Bibimbap Food Gallery, Traditional Food Exhibition, Local Produce Market, and Snack Market.
  • Heung (Fun) Bibim
    Official Performance, Bibim Culture Performance, Food Event, Food Cosplay (Costume Play) Contest.
  • Meot (Elegant) Bibim
    Delicious Hanok Village Tour, Food Culture Photo Exhibition, Hanok Village Product Exhibition, and Photo Zone.
  • The Bibim
    Jeonju Yakryeong Hanbang Expo, Traditional Liquor Festival, Special Tour Program to Cultural Facilities in Hanok Village.