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K-pop Singer Seungri involved Sex and Drugs Scandal

K-pop Singer Seungri involved Sex and Drugs Scandal

Police started an investigation into a South Korean nightclub has since erupted into a national scandal, they try sweeping aside in the public mind at least all the international talk of North Korean not clear instead shining a light into the shady private lives of K-pop celebrities. The fascination intense and at Seungri, a member of the legendary group Big Bang.

Big Bang is one of the groups that helped propel Korean pop group into the mainstream music scene that it has become today.

Seungri Night Club in Seoul that has received widespread media and police get the attention of it following allegation of drug use, violence, and sexual assault. The investigation commenced after a man claimed to have been assaulted by the night club staff when he tried to stop another female patron form being sexually harassed in November 2018.

That’s why the police alarm and conducted some raids and expanded their drug investigation into all clubs in the Gangnam area.

Seungri post his Instagram.

The attention to Seungri. The singer unwillingly became the face of this scandal due to his ties to Burning Sun. Although he was not the owner of the club, he did work there as a director and now facing charges of illegally supplying prostitute for the businessmen in the club as a form of sexual bribery. Prostitution is illegal in South Korea.

Investigation is still ongoing, even though Seungri has announced his retirement from the entertainment industry. In Instagram post he said “Societal Disturbance” that his involvement had caused were “too major” and quitting would help the presences the honor of Big Bang and his former management company. Sad for Seungri

Seungri involvement led to the discovery of a group chat, A Korean messaging app. It was found that fellow singer and variety star Jung Joon-Young had secretly filmed him having sex with at least 10 woman and shared in to the group chat.

With this more celebrities are involve in the scandal, disheartened fans can only ask, “Who’s next?”

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