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Ku Hye Sun dedicated a post remembering Jang Ja Yeon

Ku Hye Sun dedicated a post remembering Jang Ja Yeon

On March 17, Ku Hye Sun dedicated heartfelt post in memory of the late “Boys Over Flowers” actress Jang Ja Yeon who took her own life in 2009 (10 years ago). Ku Hye Sun is a South Korean actress, singer and songwriter.

The post shows an older poster taken from the drama. Ku Hye Sun  and Jang Ja Yeon appeared together in 2009 drama, in which Ku Hye Sun played the female lead, Geum Jan Di, and Jang Ja Yeon palyed one of the three “mean girls,” name Sunny.

Ku Hye Sun really emotional doing this caption

Ku Hye Sun wrote, “The unnie who gave me hot packs for my hands. The unnie i regret not having a single photo with. Rest in peacefully in heaven, you’re beautiful soul,” Unnie means older sister.

Jang Ja Hyeon suicide case rocked the entertainment industry back in 2009 because of its nature. The actress committed a suicide 10 years ago. Leaving one final letter by revealing all the me she was forced to sexually entertain. the names were huge influential figures in the business and entertainment industry. 

The police tried to suppress the list but a portion of it made into the internet, Back then only two people were indicated in her death, Her agency CEO and her manager.

In 2018, people want to reopen the case to in light of a new witness coming from which turned out be Jang Ja Hyeon former colleague  Yoo Jin Oh. The status of limitations is expiring soon and the people want to the blue house to keep investigating the case in hope of punishing everyone who had anything to do with her death.

Yoon Jin Oh came forward and revealed her name risking her life to bring justice to the late actress; she has been taking part in witness interviews and doing her best to bring people’s attention to the ongoing investigation.

Netizens were extremely furious that only two people were ever prosecuted for Jang Ja Hyeon death. The recent development in the case give hope for the justice to prevail.

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