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Learn Dance move EXO “Overdose”

Learn Dance move EXO “Overdose”

EXO dances “Overdose”

Let’s learn how to dance like EXO!

This Korean pop group was EXO, is a Chinese-South Korean boy group live in Seoul. Formed by S.M Entertainment in 2011, This group consist of twelve members separated into two because of performing music in Korean and Mandarin they called them EXO-K and EXO-M. I really love this group exo overdose.

Exo overdose is meaning like you giving all your best to your love one but is not enough. You are totally exhausted. Your an addicted to the one you love, that’s why you never giving up.

 There is a line but i will convert it into English “I taste you and drink you My hearts trembles, i keep drinking you but it’s not enough yet.

I really love dancing. If you ask me what dance means to me i answer it is my LIFE. exo overdose is one of my favorite music and me with my cousin always dance exo overdose. 

Dancing is the best exercise is not only fun but is also a great workout to lose weight. The faster you dance the more calories you burn. There are different types of dance but i love hip hop dance.

Exo Kim Jong-In why him?

Kim Jong-In

The guy name was Kim Jong-in also known as Kai and one of my idols. He made his first televised performance alongside fellow members Luhan, Chen and TAo as well on December 2011. Kai is a unisex name and it means warrior. Kai is a singer, model, actor and dancer.

 Who is your favorite of this group?

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