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Lisa Set New Record On Her Birthday.

Lisa Set New Record On Her Birthday.
Lisa’s Birthday

March 26, 2019 it is a birthday celebration of BLACKPINK
member Lisa, all fan are celebrating on twitter. She is turning 22 years of
age. She might be the youngest but no one cares more for her unnies than she does.

She always the first one there to crack jokes and put
smiles on their face, she’s the joker of their group. Happy birthday Manoban the main dancer of blackpink, the one with most cheerful laugher and
the one who is like the sunshine of this group. Her smile is the most precious
thing in this world.

Happy birthday to you again. She was known
a slick dance moves and powerful rap verse, Lalisa Manoban, is more commonly known
as Lisa, turns 22. In celebration of gorgeous Thai singer turned K-pop idol, I rounding
up her most stylist moments to date. She might be a bad ass on stage, but She carries demure outfits like no one else.

She is one of my favorite singer, in the world of k-pop. She
is a good dancer and rapper too. She also becomes the first ever female idol to
reach a one million mention. Wow it’s so cool. She when she performed in
staged she looks so adorable and she so playful when she move and sing. She just enjoy on the stage.

Why Lisa?

I choose her because if you don’t know she love to drink sweet and me too, her favorite color is yellow, She loves pets too and she has a two cat. Her hobby is to sleep. She can also know how to play a guitar so cute. And she love to eat French Fries.

As I repeat again Happy Birthday Lalisa Manoban. Please leave comment.

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