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Momoland New single”Im So Hot”

Momoland New single”Im So Hot”

K-pop group Momoland are back with their first new single of 2019.

A short brief of this k-pop group Momoland they are a South Korean girl group formed by MLD Entertainment through the 2016 rality show Finding Momoland. The show winners became the seven members they are Hyebin, Yeowoo,Jane,NYUN,Jooe, Ahin and Nancy and debuted on November 10,2016.

The new k-pop music song “I’m So Hot” is another addicting, electro-pop track from the group, which went viral last year with hits “Bboom Boom and BaAM.” Released today (March 20), “I’m So Hot” jumps between melodies, throwing in jazzy brass and quirky synths over squelchy, Euro dance-inspired beats as the members of k-pop group Momoland serve up confident.

By song fronts the group’s, also March 20, 2019 and do you imagined it’s already has a 4.7 million views. For the music video “I’m So Hot” doesn’t feature Daisy or Taeha, who each joined Momoland in 2017, about a half-year after the act got its start in November 2016.

Who is your favorite of k-pop group Momoland ?


For the group of Momoland i really like Nancy. Cute, smart and pretty. She love watching movies like me and sing Disney Ost. She loves to eat also chocolate mint and some food that had cheese. She really loves Cheese. And since she was a child she was an actress and a model.

New song “I’m So Hot” was released alongside a vibrant music video that shows off the members of Momoland playing around on  backstage in fitting rooms, hyping up themselves, and then transpose them to a variety of dance sets where they serve up easy-to-follow group choreography, hand waves and shooting motions abounding.

In last year Momoland k pop group broke out with viral hit “Bboom Bboom,” which peaked at No. 4 on the World Digital Song Sales chart dated Jan. 27.

Watch the music video for Momoland “I’m So Hot” below.

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