5 Things you Need to Know About Microblading


A Revolutionary TrendEyebrows have been a way for women to change their looks for centuries. The history of eyebrow is very fascinating. In the 80’s, eyebrows were thick and ungroomed. In the 90’s eyebrows are thin and over tweezed which left many of us today unable to achieve the look of the present day. Here are some things you should know about microblading.Here are the 5 things you need to know about microblading.1) Microblading takes two procedures to achieve a great result. First step is your initial appointment with your consultant. Together, with your microblading artist, you will choose the shape, color, curve and definition of your brows. Second step is for touch up to go over the lines and do any modifications that are necessary. Both steps ensure you will LOVE your new eyebrows.2) Microblading is not a permanent makeup. It only last for one to three years depending on how you take care of your eyebrow and maintenance.3) Everyone is a candidate for microblading. There isn’t a person out there who wouldn’t be a good candidate for this procedure. There are a few circumstances that would require a doctor’s note before you could proceed, but everyone is eligible. Cancer, Hemophilia, Pregnancy and breastfeeding are a few of these reasons for doctor’s approval.4) It is not the same as tattooing. Microblading is a process of implanting pigment into basal membrane to epidermis from the dermis layer of the skin to create fuller better looking eyebrows. It is a hand-held tool like a pen that is used to create strokes in your eyebrow.5) It is painless. Before the artist begins working on your brows a topical numbing cream is applied to the area to minimize discomfort. You may feel slight tinges of discomfort, but overall the procedure is almost painless. That said, the most tormenting part of the process is choosing your shape.Are you ready to Microblading your Eyebrow?Tell us your experience if you had Microblade procedure.Please visit sonub Health & Beauty section to get more reviews.

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