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Protect Her What Ever Happen.

Protect Her What Ever Happen.
Son-Oh Gong

This fantasy K-drama in 2017, You must protect your love what ever happen. The story about Son Oh-Gong and Ma-Wang are conflict with each other as they look for a true light in a dark the world where evil thrives. Having with contract With Yumi 25 years ago. 

Yumi, a girl cursed with the ability to see ghost and spirits. And her only protection is her grandmother and a small umbrella with protection spell by Buddhist monk.

 One day when Yumi walks at home from school, ghost follows her and this witness by a mysterious man in a suit black name Ma-Wang. The mysterious man exorcises the ghost for Yumi. And ask her a favor to enter the magic house and retrieved a certain fan. He also give an instruction to ignore anyone she see in there.

Unfortunately Yumi set Son free for the curse and give her a promise. But he tricks him. Son erases His name to Yumi memory and leave. The two meet in a fateful encounter. Son realized he fell in love with Yumi. Protect your love what ever happen that is main role of Son.

Make her feel special.

I really like this K-drama is very inspirational. Protect your love what ever happen is really mean to me. In any danger you must guide love on. By doing sacrifice is one way. Don’t give up for any trials by protect your love whatever happens is a way to express your feelings.

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