Importation of firearms, swords, explosives, etc.

In accordance with the Control of Firearms, Swords, Explosives, Etc. Act

  • Any person who intends to import guns or powders shall obtain permission from the Commissioner-General of the National Police Agency;
    • For shotguns, swords, gas sprayers, crossbows, fire-processed articles, scopes, and etc. shall obtain permission from the commissioner of the local police agency;
    • Imitation guns are prohibited from importation.
    • Also, those of the military shall obtain permission from the Administrator of the Defense Acquisition Program Administration as prescribed by the Defense Acquisition Program Act.

* For further details on whether the goods in concern fall under the same Act, please contact the relevant organizations, such as Life Order of Korean National Police Agency Bureau (02-3150-2647, or Defense Acquisition Program Administration (02-2079-3114,

Imitation guns (BB shots and etc.) restriction of import According to Article 11 of the Control of Firearms, Swords, Explosives, Etc. Act., those that look almost like guns, which the Presidential Decree (hereinafter referred to as "imitation guns") determines, making, selling, or possessing of “imitation guns" are prohibited. Therefore, when a person intends to import goods that fall under "imitation guns,” the goods are prohibited from importation.
In accordance with Notification on the Head of a Customs office Certification and Confirmation of Goods and Methods as prescribed by Article 226 of the Customs Act, when imitation guns or similar goods are imported at a custom, one shall confirm whether they fall under imitation guns, and the customs shall confirm at the time of import clearance with the Guns and Explosives Safety Technology Association, an affiliated body of the National Police Agency. If the goods are confirmed not to be imitation guns, then clearance is permitted.

Confirming whether the same goods are imitation goods is determined by examining the actual relevant goods and conducting technical experiments in accordance with the criteria of imitation guns (☜ you can check further details by clicking it) as prescribed by relative legislations. For further details on the process and required documents, please contact the National Police Agency, the ministry and the office concerned, or the Guns and Explosives Safety Technology Association.

  • Reference
    • Korean National Police Agency Bureau of Life Order (02-3150-2647,
    • Defense Acquisition Program Administration (02-2079-3114,,)
    • Guns and Explosives Safety Technology Association (02-3273-8368,

Since the relevant goods can fall under toys, the goods can be imported after going through a safety inspection in accordance with the Quality Control and Safety Management of Industrial Products Act. Also, at the time of importation, the importer shall have a confirmation document indicating that the goods are the same models as the ones that received a safety certification.