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Roy Kim Fans Disappointed

Roy Kim Fans Disappointed

Roy Kim Fans Get Sad after the singer name as latest suspect in Jung Joon Young Scandal.

Roy Kim is a South Korean singer and song writer.

Jung Joon Young and Roy Kim

A chatroom sex scandal is rocking the K-Pop world, and now, singer Roy Kim is accused of being one of the members of the controversial chat. Roy Kim was allegedly a member of a chatroom where videos were shared of women being illegally filmed by hidden cameras without their consent.

Seven people have already been booked by officials because of their alleged involvement in this chatroom, and Roy Kim fate will be determined after he is questioned by police, as well.

 It is unclear as to when the questioning will take place. “We haven’t heard anything from him yet,” Roy’s label said in a statement. “We’ll check with him, as he’s currently attending school in America.” 

Roy Kim is a suspect?

Roy Kim was involvement at the Burning Sun Sex Scandal. And the investigation into these KakaoTalk rooms began amidst a separate police investigation into Big Bang singer, Seungri, for allegedly soliciting prostitutes for VIP guests at his nightclub. 

Police found evidence of Seungri being involved in chat rooms, where he appeared to act as an agent for prostitution. This led to other members of the chatroom being investigated. As of now Roy Kim is a latest suspect

 On March 11, it was first reported that Jung Joon Young had allegedly filmed and distributed sexually explicit videos of women in these chat rooms. He admitted to filming women without their consent and sharing the videos on March 12, and was arrested on March 21.

Other stars they’ve been named for their alleged involvement in these chatrooms, which took place in 2015 and 2016, include Yong Junhyung, Choi Jong-hoon, Yoo In-Seok and Lee Jong-hyun.

The police have reportedly uncovered 23 chat rooms in total, with 16 people who allegedly had knowledge of the hidden camera videos, according to Many K-pop stars, included Seungri and Jung Joon Young, have formally retired from the entertainment industry amidst the scandal.

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