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The best new k-pop group ITZY

The best new k-pop group ITZY

The best new k-pop group ITZY is a five member girl group under by JYP Entertainment. They debuted on February 12, 2019 with digital single.

On January 20, JYP Entertainment released a prologue film introducing their next girl group; The best new k-pop group ITZY are five members are Yuna, Ryujin, Chaeryeong, Lia and Yeji. On February 11, a music video teaser for the single’s title track, “Dalla Dalla” was released. The music was released on February 11. The group held their live premiere on the same day.

The song is all about be contented what you are don’t be jealous to others. Love being yourself. Just like me i love who or what i am. I have a lot of skills and talents so I’m not jealous to anyone

. Also if somebody compare you to other just ignore it, so what right. All people have the same but lots of difference. 

IF there’s somebody told you to change your attitude. If that is bad try to change. But if that is good just be you and accept who i am. The best new k-pop group ITZY they are great. 

Do you really like this new k-pop group?

Hi Guys,

For me yes. The best new k-pop group ITZY  all of them are so pretty. Do you know that Yuna is the most stands out for me. She is easily recognizable. Her simply beauty is unique especially her eyes. And kissable lips. Real name Shin Yuna born on 2003 she is a lead vocal, visual.

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