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This is Black the Grim Reaper

This is Black the Grim Reaper
Korean Drama BLACK

This is Black the Grim Reaper. Also called a detective possessed by a Death Scythe. Ha-Ram the main character or also known as Go-Ara can see shadows of death. So the struggle to save the lives of people, is a big problem or it is a breaking the rules of heaven. The story is really good.

 The plot was so complicated and there is also a lot of twist. If you watch this black the Grim Reaper so very exciting per episode and can’t stop to think what is the next will happen.

This black the Grim Reaper was story about human desires and greed, also influence around us. Black was based on events that won’t be forgotten. And his code name 444.

I don’t really know that some plots in Black actually based on true story? This Korean drama series, thus far, have exceeded script writing and amazed the things that have moved your way till very end. I would want to watch this drama again. This is was the first time i saw Go Ara so cool and really brave. Some of her drama series are actually based on true events which I really enjoy to watch it.

Do you know what is Grim Reaper?

This is Black the Grim Reaper name 444 also known as Song Seung-Hon in real world. Begin his career as a model for the jeans name Storm on 1995. And i was first so him at Korean drama Endless Love.  He is a great actor. He is my idol. He has a movie to like Obsessed, Air Strike, Man of Wheel, So close and many more.

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