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Yoon Ji Oh feel Sorry Can’t Reveal People Related to Jang Ja Yeon Case

Yoon Ji Oh feel Sorry Can’t Reveal People Related to Jang Ja  Yeon Case

On March 18, If you don’t know, Yoon Ji Oh appears on MBC’s “New Desk” to talk about late Jang Yeon’s sexual abuse case.

After the broadcast, the news anchor name Wang Jong Myung was criticized by the public for probing the actress to mention the names of the people that involved to the case.

The following day, Yoon Ji Oh took to her Instagram to reveal her thoughts. As you can see below is the full translation of her statement:

“Hello this is Yoon Ji Oh. First of all, I deemed it right to tell you about the current situation, so I am writing this with the approval of MBC news anchor Wang Jong Myung.

Yesterday, Yoon Ji Oh answer the questions that were asked during the live broadcast of MBC’s “New Desk” that took place after attend a trial as a witness and explained why I cannot mention a specific names.

 It’s true that I was given direct questions about specific people in four different instances. I was asked about the other witness at the trial, other celebrities, three people related to news outlet, and a member of the National Assembly.

Why Yoon Ji Oh Apologized?

Yoon Ji Oh was scared so that she cannot reveal a name because she lived as a witness until now, and the thing is the moment she mention names, she will be sued for defamation and punished regardless of the truth.

They have the power to do that, I can only give you this answer, and that’s why I gave this answer at the end of the interview. After my response, the interview was over.

All i know, news anchor Wang Jong Myung was most likely doing his best to ask the questions the citizens are curios all about, and I don’t blame him because he probably did not clearly know about my current situation and what’s going on.

Yoon Ji Oh receiving such a lot of question both online and offline the last 10 years, so she may feel pain as everyone worries. That’s why she might become a lot stronger. After the interview.

The anchor sent me a text message, but i fell asleep in the morning, so i had phone call with him after getting up in the afternoon. He personally apologized to me through the message and phone call. I feel apologetic for unintentionally causing harm for his long time career as a new anchor, and I’m really sorry for making everyone worry.

And after that, Yoon Ji Oh was able to complete an interview with reporter Lee Sang Ho while smiling, and she currently doing what he has to do with a smile of her face.

I hope all of interviewer give respect the position of the witness.

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